• Transistor and MCM
  • Silicon OLED Micro Display



Control of Materials
All materials are subject to batch production verification,to ensure that the material could meet specific requirements of different products with low defect rate. This is the foundation to make high rellability products.This is the foundation to make high rellability products.
Online SPC Control
During the process of control, SPC(statitic process control) technology for processing management and control of Cpk value of key process are adopted. In addition, all the related data was collected for statistic analysis after every batch production to make sure that the difference of statistical value
Chip Quality Assessment
Except wafer test, which could be used to judge qualification of electric performance of chip, quality assessment has to be performed to ensure chip's reliability.
Module Quality Inspection
All modules are tested and filtered for their electric performance conformity. According to electrical parameters, the electric performance and reliability of module should be in compliance with customer's requirements.


NEDI Technology Co., LTD (NEDITEK) is the high technology company dealing with semi-conductor material, components and devices. It is specialized in providing high reliability microwave and millimeter-wave circuits, modules and sub-systems. All the offered products and solutions have reached international standards and could be developed according to customer's requirements for product parameters, outline, encapsulation, and reliability etc.

NEDITEK offers qualified Microwave and Millimeter-wave products and solutions for a wide range of applications like automobile telematics and sensors, radio and wireless communication sets, satellite remote sensing and telemetry, and other civil fields.